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Giannitsi Theodora

director of the Center was born and has grown in Athens. Per 1989 has arrived to study to Moscow. In 1995 has finished historical faculty of the Moscow State University of M.B. Lomonosov, and in 2000 has protected the master's thesis on a theme: the Greek world in the end of 18 - beginning of 20 centuries by the Russian sources (to a question of studying consciousness of Greeks) ". On the basis of the dissertation the book (2002 and 2005) subsequently has been let out . In 2003 has finished faculty of skill of the actor of the Russian Academy of Theatrical arts (GITIS). Since April, 1995 works in the Trade and economic Department of Embassy of Greece in Moscow.



Anastasia Ciomi

was born and has grown in Greece Apanomi - Saloniki. She has arrived to the USSR in 1977 where has finished metallurgical faculty of the Moscow Mountain Academy. From 1982 to 1990 worked on SKOK as the mountain engineer. From1990 till today worked in the different Greek firms acting on territories of Russia.


Kvashnin Jury

was born in Moscow. In 2000 has passed exams on historical faculty of the Moscow State University. It was trained on faculty of New and newest history of the countries of the Europe and America, has protected degree work on a theme Greece in an initial stage of the second world war. Since 2005 trained in postgraduate study of the Moscow State University, writes the dissertation on history of foreign policy of Greece during I.Metaksasa's dictatorship. Works in institute of the international economic and political researches of the Russian Academy of Science


Gorbacheva Maria

In 1995 has ended the Moscow State University of Culture on a speciality the Sociologist of welfare sphere. Since 1990 worked in library of Institute of Social studies in a department of the foreign literature, from 1992 In Gorbachev-fund in foreign library, from1992 In Financial Academy at the government of the Russian Federation in foreign library, since 1993 Worked as the secretary-reviewer on joint Greek- o - Russian enterprise Green Hill. In 1994 was appointed to a post of the teacher of economy of High school, it is now trained on rates guide-translators at association of guides - translators of Moscow.


Kravtsova Nina

of 1987 of a birth (26.10) was born in Moscow. The student of the State University (MGOPU of Sholokhov, faculty of computer science and mathematics, branch of applied computer science in economy). In 2006 has ended the state rates on management, studies the Greek language.