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The Greek cultural center being public organization, registered in August, 2005 in Moscow, puts the purposes:

Х introduction and development of the Greek culture in Russia

Х rallying of representatives of the Greek Diaspora and Philhellenes, rendering of assistance in realization of their creative potential directed on development of the Greek culture

Х coordination of actions with a view of realization of the various programs directed on development Hellenism in Russia and the Greek-o-Russian communications, in particular at a micro level, w.m.. at a level of simple people and public associations

Х transformation of the center into permanent structure, the alive center of attraction of ideas and the projects promoting penetration of the Greek culture in weights

Х maintenance of close communications with Greece during realization of the activity

In this connection our tasks consist in the following:

Х Carrying out of the cultural - educational actions directed on distribution of the Greek culture by means of teaching of language, the literature, a history, dances, songs and so forth, and also the organization or assistance in the organization of the international scientific conferences with participation of researchers from Russia, the countries CIS, Greece and other countries, the publication of books, etc.

Х Creation of a permanent infrastructure and a database, in particular libraries, record libraries and so forth.

Х The Constant exchange of experience, ideas and plans between representatives of Diaspora and Philhellenes, including by means of carrying out of the regular meetings - evenings devoted to various anniversaries, events, etc., and also evenings - lectures or the organization of a series of lectures and so forth.

Х Development of contacts to the cultural centers both in the Greece, and in other countries, with the purpose of coordination of actions for promotion of interests, the organization of joint projects and actions and so forth.

Х Rendering of material support to separate representatives of Diaspora, is valid in it requiring.

Х Attraction of means for rendering financial support to the projects connected to realization marked is above more whole also than problems.